About Us

Founded in December, 2007 by Geoff Jones-Prichard, Ecological Technologies prides itself on providing its customers with the best available products and cutting edge practices from around the world to satisfy ever-changing environmental standards. 

Ecological Technologies' employees combined experience and expertise gained from over 45 years in the water and wastewater treatment industry together with the support of agencies of some of the world’s leading suppliers of process equipment, water quality monitors, instrumentation and treatments processes, offers customers a high level of technical support throughout product selection and system design.

With the changing requirements of drinking water standards and more stringent wastewater discharge regulations, Ecological Technologies stays abreast of new developments and innovations by regularly attending trade exhibitions and technical seminars in various parts of the world. 

Customers are offered a single source of supply for equipment giving the benefit of direct communication with the authorised New Zealand distributor and full product support in terms of warranties, maintenance and after-sales service.

PMT Bio-disk installed at the Warwick
Resort & Spa, Fiji Islands