LIT Ultraviolet disinfection systems protect guests in new Fiji hotel

Ecological Technologies Limited was awarded the contract to supply ultraviolet disinfection equipment for the Pullman Nadi Bay Resort & Spa, Fiji. The duty / standby LIT DUV UV system is designed for a peak flow of 72 m3/h and to provide a UV dose of 40 mJ/cm2.

Ecological Technologies Limited provides water and wastewater treatment equipment for new Fiji hospital

Ecological Technologies Limited was awarded the contract to supply the water and wastewater treatment equipment for the new Navosa Hospital which is being constructed in Keyasi in the highlands of Fiji.

 The containerised Ecodisk wastewater treatment plant manufactured by PMT, France was designed for a daily hydraulic loading of 30 m3 and to meet the Fiji Governments National Liquid Waste Effluent Standards.

The water for the hospital is sourced from the Fiji water Authority’s local supply and is filtered through duty / standby FloMax filters providing a particle retention of 10 micron. Following filtration, the water passes through duty / standby LIT DUV ultraviolet disinfection systems which provide a UV dose of 40 mJ/cm2.


Ecological Technologies Commissions additional 50 m3/day Severn Trent UAT Desalination System for Kiribati Fish

 Kiribati Fish Ltd, whose factory is lacated on the atoll of Tarawa, purchased an additional 50 m3/day desalination system to suppliment their existing system. The Severn Trent UAT desalination systems are used to provide water for fish processing and to provision the fishiong boats bnased at Tarawa. The STS UAT systems use Danfoss high pressure pumps, Filmtec membranes and Codeline pressure vessels.


Ecological Technologies Awarded Wastewater Contract for Kokomo Yaukuve Island Resort

Ecological Technologies Ltd has been awarded the contract to provide wastewater treatment for Kokomo Yaukuve Island Resort, Kadavu, Fiji.

Kokomo Yaukuve Island Resort is a 5 Star holiday resort which due to open this year. Yaukuve Island is part of the Kadavu Island Group and is approximately 45 minutes flight from Nadi International Airport.

As Kokomo Yaukuve Island Resort is surrounded by the world famous Great Astrolabe Reef, the developer set high standards for the treatment process seeking not only to meet the Class A Recycled Water Guidelines but also the Fiji Government’s “Significant Ecological Zone Requirements” in respect to nutrient levels.

The treatment system being provided by Ecological Technologies will be based on a Veolia PMT Bio-disk for secondary treatment and denitrification. Tertiary treatment will be provided by an Arkal automatic disk filter followed by ultraviolet disinfection. The ultraviolet disinfection system will be provided by LIT Europe.


BIOROCK (NZ) Ltd formed to distribute BIOROCK® packaged on-site wastewater treatment systems

The first compact sewage treatment plant in the world without electricity and moving parts. More than 15.000 units sold in 75 countries worldwide. A Biorock 10 was tested at the OSET NTP Trial 8 and Certified to meet the secondary effluent quality requirements of AS/NZS 1547:2012.

BIOROCK® is available in four basic models designed to handle 5, 10, 15 & 25 population equivalents. To suit larger flows BIOROCK® systems can be installed in paralell. 

BIOROCK (NZ) Ltd are appointing regional installers to install and service BIOROCK® wastewater treatment systems.


STS UAT Seawater Desalination System and Veolia PMT "Eco-disk" Commissioned in Tarawa, Kiribati

The contract, awarded by Kiribati Fish Ltd in three phases, provides for the supply and commissioning of a Veolia PMT Ecodisk to treat the factory waste prior to discharge, the supply and commissioning of a STS-UAT 50 tonne / day seawater desalination system and the supply of process pumps, ultraviolet disinfection, and cartridge filtration for the process and drinking water.







LIT UV UNITS installed at Maungaturoto Water Treatment Plant

LIT UV Technology is among the three largest UV companies in the world and has a broad installation base around the world including Australasia.

Two LIT DUV-3A-DB300 units have been installed in the Maungaturoto Water Treatment Plant. Each unit has been designed to provide an Önorm  “Certified” flow of  56.5 m3/h at a UV transmission of 95% and meet the requirements of the DWSNZ.

The DUV units equipped with long life mercury amalgam lamps and electronic ballasts are provided with chemical cleaning systems to ensure operation with a minimum of maintenance.