Arsenic Removal

xSORB 33® Arsenic Removal System

The SORB 33® arsenic removal system from De Nora Water Technologies, Inc. is economical, simple to operate and requires virtually no labour. In this simple pump-and-treat adsorption system, the contaminated water passes through a robust granular ferric oxide media, Bayoxide® E33.

As water passes through the media, arsenic is adsorbed and removed to a level below 5 micrograms per litre (μg/l). The SORB 33 system requires no cleaning, no regeneration and no complex, labour-intensive steps.

The dry crystalline Bayoxide E33 media was designed with a high capacity for arsenic, providing long operating cycles and low operating costs. The media’s life expectancy is dependent on site-specific water quality and operating levels. The exhausted media is non-hazardous and can be sent to a landfill, passing TCLP requirements.

The SORB 33 systems range in capacity from 3 l/s to 77 l/s and are designed with an EBCT range of 3.3 - 4.5 minutes.


• Removes both As (III) and As (V) below 5 μg/l

• Robust dry media with high capacity for arsenic

• Long media life under continuous operation

• Very low residual effluents - <0.1% of water treated

• No re-pumping

• No chemicals for regeneration

• Low maintenance - no moving parts

• Small footprint

• NSF Standard 61 and DWI approved media

Municipal Arsenic Removal System



• Low capital costs

• Low operating costs

• Readily available media in any quantity

• Easy disposal of spent media - no hazardous waste generated

• Low extractables

• Low shipping cost and long shelf life of dry media

• Unattended operation - no manpower required


Commercial Arsenic Removal System