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Static Injection Mixers

The Westfall Static Mixer is a full pipe motionless static mixer in which fluids are injected and rapidly mixed by a combination of alternate vortex shedding and intense shear zone turbulence.

Standard materials are fibreglass reinforced vinyl ester resin body with type 316 stainless steel mixer plate. Other materials are available to meet specific chemical resistance requirements. Special sized rings, mixer plates and injection fittings can be fabricated as required.


Typical applications for the Westfall Static Mixers are:

• Water treatment
• Chemical blending
• Dissolving gases
• Polymer blending
• Flocculent blending
• Ph control
• Potable water
• Waste water
• Chlorination
• De-Chlorination


• Excellent mixing
• Low cost
• Short laying length
• Integral injection fittings
• Easy installation
• Long service life
• No maintenance required
• No moving parts
• Available in any material