Wasterwater Aerators

Fuchs Spiral Aerators


Fuchs Spiral Aerators are used to introduce oxygen into lagoons, equalisation tanks or activated sludge basins. In addition to fine bubble aeration they also provide circulation and thorough mixing of the wastewater.

Efficient oxygen transfer due to a specially designed spiral propeller

Economic high-quality product

Optimum wastewater treatment requires effective oxygen transfer

  • FUCHS Spiral Aerators represent the high quality standard of wastewater management
  • Quality defines production. Quality guarantees efficiency on a basis of perfected technology
  • FUCHS spiral aerators are distinguished by high economic efficiency. 5 000 aerators and worldwide references proves their success.




Sturdy design, maximum precision
  • Simple principle : air-cooled three phase motors (AEG, Leroy Somer or equal) with hollow shaft and spiral propeller immersed in the wastewater at an angle
  • Aerator in protective housing. No spray water or ice-deposits in frosty weather. Ideal encasement of the motor
  • All parts of machinery are made of high- quality, non-corrosive material. Hollow shaft and spiral propeller made of stainless steel, protective housing made of glass fibre reinforced plastic
  • Special conical coupling designed as a precision machined part, dynamically balanced in connection with the hollow shaft. No bearings and gaskets in the immersed part of the machine. Almost maintenance-free and wear resistant.
  • Available with all IEC motor sizes from 1.1 kW to 22 kW .
High efficiency, high availability
  • intake of air through the hollow shaft. Fine bubble depth aeration with high    specific oxygen utilization factor       resulting from the downward angle direction of flow
  • intensive mixing and high performance circulation
  • effective oxygen transfer, calm water surface
  • optimal regulation when using several units. Intermittent operation variable according to requirement
  • Low maintenance and long lifetime due to solid and reliable design combined with high-quality materials.